Best Wedding Photography in Delhi

Indian Weddings bring out something in people that they have never encountered in their everyday life: a level of openness and sensitivity. Everyone keeps their relationship with their partners to themselves, only on this day they will declare how they feel publicly. To allow oneself to be vulnerable is one of the bravest things I can imagine. Being so emotionally charged that you can’t help the way you behave and the way you feel.There is a purity of emotion that is unattainable at any other point in one’s life. This purity is what I love to capture and what my clients want from me.

wedding photographers in delhi
wedding photographers in delhi
wedding photographers in delhi

Wedding PhotoShoot

We at Peachtreecandids create a friendship with our clients so as to make them feel comfortable. We meet them once or twice before the wedding to finalize on many things and to ask them what is important to them on their wedding day so that we can make a list of things and people they would love to see in their wedding album. 

My clients want me to document the complete wedding beautifully; after all, they are spending so much money to get best wedding photography in Delhi.
So here I play my role of storyteller carefully, I make sure that I cover all the must-have shots and in my brain, I start making an album. I start creating a unique story which catches all the special moments of which even the bride and the groom are unaware of until they see the album.

I am addicted to the buzz and thrill from photographing weddings, I feel privileged when couples choose me to be the one to tell their story. The fact that what I have captured will be what my client and his family will look back on for many years to come is an amazing and satisfying though. The single most rewarding thing about photographing a wedding is when my clients tell me that they can relive their most special day through the images that I have captured.

If my photographs re-enforce what they felt and mirror everything they experienced on the day, then I know I have done my job.

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