Best Candid Wedding Photography in Delhi

It’s not just about capturing a moment, but the emotion of that moment

A wedding is a once in a lifetime opportunity where the near and the dear come together to celebrate a joyous occasion. Weddings are characterized by love, joy and laughter. Weddings are a lifelong commitment and an intimate union of two beautiful souls.

With changing trend in every sphere of life, wedding photography has also changed. Photo journalistic or Candid Wedding Photography is the buzzword in the Wedding photography industry today.

Earlier no one had an option but after the advent of Candid Wedding photographers, everyone wants to book a wedding photographer who is good at candid photography.

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What is Indian wedding candid photography?

Indian Candid wedding photography is a method of photography that involves shooting the wedding from a journalistic perspective without ‘touching’ the scene in any way.Candid wedding moments are best captured without the knowledge of the subject- in its true naturalness. It brings in a real sense of spontaneity and eliminates the chances of a person becoming too conscious. 

In short, we can say that the whole essence of being a candid photographer is to be more of a reportage photographer and to shoot a wedding in an informal fashion that allows for a more relaxed and natural style. It just simply adds life to your pictures.

Best Candid Wedding Photography in Delhi NCR

Unlike a traditional photographer who will call out your guests, ask them and guide them for a pose and will have a vocal presence at the wedding, candid wedding photographer will take pictures surprisingly, without their awareness. It gives funny, best, perfect, happy and unique pictures.

Candid wedding moments happen speedily, and they don’t last for long. Only a skilled candid photographer can hunt & capture moments that happen in the wedding without interfering and making the guests, family, bride & groom pose.

These moments could be the joyous laughs of the friends, aunt scolding the caterer, appreciating looks on the guests’ faces, brother running the errands and attending to the guests, grandma sobbing in silence, anxiety on the bride’s face.These are moments are a part of your most beautiful day that only an experienced candid wedding photographer can capture.

Best Candid Wedding Photographers with Peachtreecandids

Your big day is full of candid moments and emotions, but it’s hard to remember them all when the day goes by so fast. It is here, where I and my team of skilled candid photographers come in.

We have years of experience of working with clients from different backgrounds. We have learned that good candid photography is an art and is not everyone’s cup of tea, our skilful and experienced candid photographers have tremendous amount of skill to capture candid moments in time so that these life moments can be woven into the wedding tale on which you and your family can reflect on for many years to come.

We have a team of best candid photographers who have an artistic bent and an eye to differentiate between what is commonplace and which moments are special.We understand that there is a natural tendency of all human beings to feel conscious, uptight and artificial in the presence of photographer leading to an odd un-poised moment. That is why we, at Peachtreecandids, love to work in an unobtrusive journalistic approach, we look for spontaneity rather than setting up awkwardly posed shots.We believe that the day should be documented as it happens so that our clients can cherish every part of it.

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