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To us photography is an art of observation. It is about finding the extraordinary in ordinary surroundings. We have found it has little to do
with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.”

Wedding Photography is our passion and my sincerest form of expression. – PeachTree Productions.

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As experienced professional wedding photographers in Delhi from past ten years, we can tell you that good photography is more than just a fancy camera. A professional wedding photographer uses high-quality equipment, their experience, and talent to capture the special atmosphere of your Big Day.Photography for us is passion and obsession. Every time we shoot we learn more, it is like a skill for us which we keep polishing all time. As professional photographers, we always keep pace with the ever-increasing changes in the technology, values, perceptions and tastes so as to give the best shoot every time.
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Candid wedding photography

Candid Wedding Photography

A smile, a glance, movement of dresses, people giving different looks to each other, uncle dancing on the floor, we at PeachTree Candids love to capture all these candid moments. Candid photographyis all about capturing the spontaneity of the moment and getting a perfect click without a delay of a second.

Candid styles of photography are increasingly becoming popular in wedding photography. The wedding is full of emotions: laughter, tears, and pure joy, all within one space, it is truly magical and candid photography is the best way to rejoice these memories. Our complete team of highly skilled professionals are expert at candid wedding photography; they will present you the extraordinary glamorized and perfect details of your big day.

From the time when pre-wedding photo shoots and candid photography came into the front line, we have started enjoying our Indian wedding photography even more. Pre wedding photography idea is gaining popularity among the couples all over the India, they want to share their joy of coming together with the world at large with the help of this photography session. And a carefree candid wedding photography is the best way to collect these memories.

This fast rising trend is all about trying to capture and collect the great moments of love, adoration, desire and anxiety which go uncontrolled through the minds of new groom and bride while they are paying way towards their big day.

We understand the significance of each of these feelings and emotions, and therefore our team of cinematographers and wedding photographers attempt to become an integral part of your event as their own event. While capturing those precious moments for you, we all feel honoured and privileged for the task entrusted onto us.

We at PeachTree Candids commit and vow to be there to give the best result of your wedding assignment, regardless of whether it is a Local delhi Wedding or an exotic destination wedding anywhere in the world. Through our photography services, we will surely be marked as the team of Best wedding photographers in Delhi,NCR in your books.










Why we are one of the Best Wedding Photographers in Delhi | NCR | India

wedding photographers in delhi

Wedding photography has always been our passion. We love to visually connect and capture the emotions throughout the celebrations. These celebrations are big; family members who have not seen each other come together and share hugs, kisses, tears and lots of love and emotions. It is just mesmerizing to capture all these emotions.

We have many years of experience in wedding photography and we understand the flow of wedding celebrations really will and we bring my experience in photography work to create a beautiful visual story of a wedding. It is a humbling experience to capture two people making commitment to love, care and support each other for the rest of their lives. During the wedding we witness a whole range of emotions from my lens and get you caught up in it. We are the best wedding photographers in Delhi because we take each wedding shoot as a brand new challenge and guarantees to provide you best quality of work.

We are best at shooting every subset of wedding photography; portraits, close ups, macro, still life, photojournalism, action, and more. We cover everything from fleeting glances, posed portraits, or close ups of the tables everything. Wedding photography is about combining awareness and sensitivity with personal style and skills.

It is our responsibility to shoot your memories perfectly because photography means eternity; it is not just clicking photos but capturing memories and preserving emotions of the moments which will never return.There will be many numerous feelings and emotions which you will miss while the wedding is on, but we will treasure those feelings for you.

In India we invest so much time and money in food, flowers, dresses and the venue. But when all the delicious food has been eaten, the floral decoration has withered and the wedding dresses have been stored away, then your wedding photographs will be there to remind you all about the most important day. Only a professional photographer knows how to capture all these emotions and meaningful moments in a beautiful and artful way before they pass by in an instant.

wedding photographers in delhi

Throughout our journey, we have handpicked and made an expert team consisting of photographers and cinematographers, to cover each of your wedding as our own family wedding and because of our work we are one of the Best wedding photographers in Delhi and best wedding film maker of delhi. It is our vision to include those emotions and precious moments through our team of passionate top cinematographers and photographers in delhi.We are in business of indian wedding photography and wedding films with a motive to make a difference in this field and also to you to whom the wedding is going to be the most precious moment of life and we are glad to share that we have always been able to delight all our customers with our results.










Pre- Wedding Photography

Pre Wedding shoots are pretty much in norm now. It is not about holding hands together and looking into each others eyes. It is all about you. Your story, how you want to express it? It is also about breaking ice with your wedding photographer and crew members.

Frankly speaking, it serves three purposes

1. You get your lifetime memories in form of story telling or Romantic pictures or videos.

2. You get to know your photographers and vice versa, and get comfortable with each other’s spaces, rather than seeing strangers on your wedding day.

3. It helps you in improving your body language and dressing sense in front of camera..

So we strongly recommend the wedding couples to go for pre wedding shoots before you regret it…


Pre Wedding Photography